Karen’s service is Thursday the 24th at Roberts Funeral Home 509 Washington Ave, Washington Courthouse, OH 43160



Karen loved the stone work on the building that makes it look a little like a castle, and it’s owned by a local paramedic. She didn’t know the owner was a paramedic when we chose it, but that makes it even more appropriate for her.

The viewing will be 3-5 with a service at 5. As Karen wished to be cremated there will not be a graveside service.

After the service we’re planning a reception at our house, which is about 25 minutes from the funeral home. We’ll have directions printed up for anybody who needs them at the funeral.

We’ll be celebrating Karen’s life at the reception, which will end with a bonfire of epic proportions. Our fire pit is 6′ round, with a 24′ outer seating ring. We’ll probably have to stand a little further away than that when we first light it. If you think of it, you might bring a camp chair.

The reception will be rain or shine, but because of parking we’re hoping for shine, since we’ll have to park people in the grass, or down the driveway. Space will be reserved near the house for people who can’t walk distances.