A Salute to Annabelle

I haven’t posted recently. I have a couple dozen posts drafted, but I don’t feel that I am ready to share them publicly. But I would like to make a this new post and publish it in a timely manner.

When I first met Karen she had a cat named Annabelle (Belle). Here’s a pic.

Annabelle loved Karen, but HATED EVERYBODY else. When Karen had visitors Belle would run and hide, and gave plenty of hisses along the way. Apparently, she hated men the most, striking out whenever possible.

After we had been dating a while Karen had me over to her house (after many many years, of course), and much to her surprise, Annabelle let me pet her, and before long she even let me play with her. Karen was completely flabbergasted. Belle NEVER interacted with anybody at all, but immediately took to me.

Annabelle may have helped me win Karen’s heart, and I’ll be eternally grateful to her for that. She was a grumpy cantankerous beast, but was also loyal and protective of her loved ones. She was a kindred spirit.

Unfortunately, Annabelle passed away earlier this week. She will be missed.


4 thoughts on “A Salute to Annabelle”

  1. Althought I did not know Belle, I am so very sorry about her passing. I know how heart breaking this can be as I am a cat lover myself. Presently I am the proud moma of 4. They become part of your family – and dear to your heart. One of mine, however, is in hospice care (as my son calls it) because she is dying of cancer. I dread the day when we will have to let her go. So much love to have her and so much sorrow to let her go. I guess it goes hand in hand. Aunt Ceil

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