A Short Note

We’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of Karen’s passing and I wanted to make a post to let people who aren’t a part of my daily life know that she’s still a huge part of many people’s lives.

The business that Karen and I built is still thriving, and is accomplishing objectives that Karen and I set more than ten years ago. As our business thrives, it does so while following the guidance she provided, and the people in the business know that they are making her vision a reality. People who never met Karen come to know who she was, because we all speak about her daily. And we all try to be the people she would have wanted us to be.

Wildflowers are something that everybody associates with Karen, and our business has given away thousands of seed packets over the last four years, each packet having a testament to Karen printed on them.

When Karen was in her final weeks, she struggled to hold on long enough to see her wildflowers bloom one more time. And they bloomed early that year, and she saw them. They haven’t bloomed as early in any year since, including this year. I can see them growing in the fields, but doubt they’ll bloom for another several weeks.

We’ve given out thousands of seed packets. They’ve been planted in flower beds, back yards, and scattered along the side of roads. Whenever you see a wildflower, there’s a chance it’s one of hers. We’ll all think of her each time we see a wildflower.

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