Change of Plans…

Karen had additional lab work Monday that showed her kidney function in decline, so the docs admitted her to the hospital.

The fluid pressure in her abdomen is causing some distress on her kidneys, so they performed a procedure to relieve that pressure. The procedure this time was a little more involved, as they installed a catheter so the fluid can be removed at home when needed. We’ll have home health out a time or two, and then we’ll take care of it ourselves.

The good news is that her kidney function showed a very slight improvement this morning. The hope is that the positive trend continues, in which case we may go home tomorrow (Thursday).

We’re kind of hoping that those plans change again. Karen’s doc stopped in today for a chat and said he is trying to get her into a clinical trial and if so, he may be able to start it Friday, and if it does we may stay up here for that, and come home after. Fingers crossed.

If she doesn’t get into the trial she’ll try for Chemo again Monday. I’ll update with any new info when we have it. We’re doing well here, so don’t need anything at this point. Karen and I keep a kit in the car with the basics and change of clothes, and we’re set for now. I have a room at hope lodge where I can go for showers and laundry.

I hope to have news in a day or so. Thanks for checking on us!

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