Going Home Soon

Karen’s kidney function is continuing to improve, and they are sending her home today. We’re stuck here for a couple hours with the discharge process, and while they get us some of the supplies we’ll need at home to relive her stomach pressure. I’ll not go into all those details…

She’s still feeling lousy, but a better sort of lousy. The docs are still concerned about her kidney function, so no Advil for a while. It’s oxy and other heaver hitters for a while.

A wise person once said that hospitals are for healing, not resting, so Karen will probably spend the next day or two catching up on some rest. Nothing fancy in our short term plans.

It looks like chemo is the next treatment, possibly Monday. We’re going to be back up here for followup then, and if everything has continued to improve she’ll have treatment.

Glad to be going home!

2 thoughts on “Going Home Soon”

  1. Glad to hear you are home. Hopefully you both have been able to breathe in the sunshine the past two days. Thinking and praying for you both daily. Give Karen a hug from me.

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