It’s Warm Down Here!

Surprise! We’re in Texas getting ready to meet with a doc at MD Anderson. Still holding off on chemo, because the thought is that it won’t be effective, but would delay entry into clinical trials that may be.

So, we worked hard last week to get her an appointment at MD Anderson, and into their system. We flew down yesterday and are getting ready to see how good they really are!

It’s pretty stressful all the way around, and we’re worried, but the occasion did convince Karen to let me get a wheelchair for her, and that has actually turned out pretty nice. I took Karen out to dinner for the first time in months, at a real restaurant (in the hotel), for real food. Not having to walk around helped her energy a bit, and she only tasted her dinner once. The meds she took for the trip helped too. Here’s a pic…

Gotta go…

3 thoughts on “It’s Warm Down Here!”

  1. Thanks for the update, Charlie; I’ve been checking your blog every day. It’s such a joy to see Karen’s smiling face!

    We’re praying the doctor in TX has something to offer and that you both feel God’s loving arms around you at this time.

    Love & prayers,
    Dona & Steve

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