Remembering Karen in the Season

Karen liked fall the best because of the wonderful colors, but I think winter was a close second. She enjoyed the whole winter season, from the decorations, to sledding, and just because she managed better outside in the cold than she ever did in the warmer seasons.

She liked decorating for almost every season, but I think Christmas the best. Her seasonal decorations always included a season appropriate wreath on the door and various odds and ends like her chickens, Santas, and the like. This year I couldn’t bear putting up her Christmas wreath, so the fall wreath is still on the door, but as I mentioned in my last post, I put up a lighted star in near the start of our driveway. Here’s the pic I said I’d try to take.

Karen’s star is pretty neat, if I do say so myself. It’s somewhere that there is obviously no power, close enough to the road to be seen by everybody out here, and the nearest light to it is my my neighbor’s front porch light (nowhere close). My dad suggested getting a solar cell to recharge the batteries and just leave it up, and I’m considering it. The star has been running over a month on the batteries, so a solar cell might just be able to keep it going by charging them up on bright days. I’ll report back.

As I searched my pics for things that were appropriate for this seasonal post, I came across the folder with the pics where we burned last year’s Christmas tree. Karen is in the video, so I thought I’d share it, even though it was a spring event. I was sad when I watched it, but she wasn’t sad that day. It was one of the bright points of her last month here with us.

I’ll tell the story about the ramp and our last couple bonfires another day.

The last thing I’ll leave you with in this post is a pic of Karen’s sledding hill today 1/13.

I’m sure many of you thought of Karen today because of the snow. She would have really enjoyed the day.

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