The Holiday Season

Karen and I always spent a lot of time decorating our office for the holiday season. We put up a Christmas tree, decorated the walls, hung snowflakes from the ceiling, set up the ceramic Christmas tree (that she got from aunt Ceil), and about a million other things.

Karen and I weren’t religious, but she definitely appreciated the Christmas spirit. Karen was a giving person, and Christmas is a giving time.

As time goes on, I do my best to keep Karen’s memory alive. I’m grateful that the people around me knew Karen, and loved her too. I get to speak about her daily, with people that also cherished their time with her.

Our business recently moved into a new location and it’s been an emotional period for me. Karen and I planned this move together many years ago, and it’s been difficult for me to adapt to this transition without her. It makes the accomplishment bittersweet.

But as I said, the people around me are keeping Karen’s memory alive with me. Most recently, a friend arranged for a very special Christmas tree for our first holiday season at the new warehouse, and I wanted to share some photos here.

The first thing is that it’s a beautiful tree…

But the next thing is that it is an owl theme! Owls of many types! Lots and lots of owls! Ornaments are owls, ribbons have owls on them… big owls… small owls… lots of really great owls!

And then the best is that an ornament for Karen is tucked in among them.

I wake up every day thinking about Karen.

I’m grateful that I get to live my life around people that cherish her memory with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “The Holiday Season”

  1. Congratulations on your expanding business at your new and better location. Also the Christmas tree is lovely and I’m sure Karen is very appreciative. Personally however, I’d like to see the ornament of Karen at the top of the tree as she now can fly even higher than the owls. Merry Christmas Charlie. May your sadness soon be turned into joy.

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