Back Home Again, and Glad to Be Here

Karen and I are back home from our trip to MD Anderson in Texas. The travel was hard on her, so it’s a huge relief to be back here. First thing we did when we got back last night (about midnight or so) was have some hot dogs and Doritos, and hit the sack. Both of us slept in late.

The trip didn’t provide any new options for Karen, but the doc down there says he’ll bring up her case at the review board. Karen’s test results showed her hemoglobin down lower than permissible to be considered for a clinical trial, and other factors excluded her as well. The low hemoglobin was really unfortunate, since she already had a transfusion a couple weeks ago to get those numbers up.

We’ll follow up with the Clinic again over the coming weeks to explore options, but Karen plans to start a new chemo this week. They’ll likely giver her another blood transfusion too. None of the alternative therapies we’ve looked at seem promising either, so it’s been a struggle for her. But at least we’re home safe and sound, and are in one more hospital system where they can keep their eyes open for opportunities.

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