Twelve Years

I have several blog posts in process, but don’t seem to be able to finish any of them. I want to tell stories about Karen, but each of the ones I’m working on don’t seem quite done yet.

But I have at least part of a story I want to tell, so I’ll try to stay focused on it, and get it published. If you’re reading this, I succeeded!

Karen was a critical thinker. She analyzed problems, assessed options, and worked her way through adverse situations with an efficacy that is uncanny.

I’m not sure that everybody understood that about her, but I saw it right away. Heck, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her after our first date. I was hooked fast. She had me.

We were comfortable enough with our relationship that after both of us lost our income we were willing to start a business together, even though we weren’t married yet. And we worked our asses off for many years.

I’m not sure why, but a variety of people from Karen’s past refused to credit her for her accomplishments. When Karen talked to some of these folks, they asked her about working for “Charlie’s business.” These people misunderstood her, and misunderstood us.

Although Karen and I were sad when friends and family said these things, it was funny from strangers. Karen sometimes ran into somebody that needed to “speak to a man,” and transferred the poor soul to me. It was rather enjoyable for me to explain to the caller that yes, I’m the President, but you were speaking to the boss before, and frankly, you’re shit out of luck now that you’ve been transferred to me!

Like I said above, Karen was a critical thinker. She analyzed problems, assessed options, and worked her way through adverse situations with an efficacy that is uncanny. The two of us together put together a multi phase plan for our business, and we worked our asses off. She fought like hell, and is still the heart and soul of our business.

Our business is going into its third phase now. We just purchased a new warehouse and next spring we’re moving from our current 6,000 square foot warehouse into our next home that is almost 26,000 square feet!

I miss Karen. Tomorrow would have been our 12th wedding anniversary. I can’t even begin to communicate my feelings about that.

I’m proud that the people in my life continue to work toward the goals that Karen helped set, and that those people remember her, and strive to live in ways that honor her. It’s not uncommon for the folks at our office to ask “what would Karen do?”

People that have never met her do projects in her honor, because they can feel what it means to the rest of us. People that do remember her try to live up to her ideals.

We talk about her every day. We do things to honor her every day. She is not forgotten.

Happy anniversary my love.

4 thoughts on “Twelve Years”

  1. Well said, Charlie. Karen would be proud but not surprised at how you continue to lead with her vision for MCR and we’re very lucky to be a part of keeping her spirit alive.

  2. After the death of my own beloved husband, I found that the best way to honor him was by the way I lived my life. I became living proof of the difference his life made in me and in the world. Sounds like you are doing just that Charlie, even through your pain. Happy Anniversary and God Bless

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