Wildflower Field Update

I promised that I’d share about the wildflower fields when they started to bloom, and they have.

For a little background, I had the first couple wildflower fields planted when Karen was first diagnosed. It was one of her dreams to have wildflower fields, and due to her illness, everything was done in a bit of a rush.

The fields were done hastily, out of necessity, so weeds took over the fields and squeezed out the flowers. But that didn’t matter, because they flowered for Karen when she needed them. After she passed I desperately needed tasks to focus on, and bought a tractor so I could re-do the wildflower fields as part of my therapy.

My therapy is far from over, but after two years of work the fields are now ready to shine. I have a couple pics, but even as nice as they might look, they don’t do Karen’s wildflower fields any justice. I don’t know what it is, but the photos just don’t express the reality.

Here’s a wide view of the field next to the house (so far, the best of the three fields)

Here’s a close-up. It’s all flowers! Even the thing that don’t have flowers now have buds that will flower soon, or are flowers that will start to bloom later in the season.

There are lots of new varieties of flowers just starting to come up, and I’ll be sure to add posts throughout the growing season.

Have a nice Independence Day Weekend!

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  1. Oh how lovely is your work & Mother Nature. Thanks for sharing. If you need someone to water I’m here. Happy 4th!

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